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Continued with the insulation yesterday and have almost finished both sides and front which was done much earlier, I have noticed that there is an upto about 6 mm (1/4 inch) variation from flatness with a very gradual curve on both sides, during initial construction I ran a string line and both sides were very flat.

It looks like during the ongoing construction and possibly warping from drastic changes in temperature over the last few months has caused this issues.

I have thought of a strategy for placing the outer skin which will hopefully make it a non issue, I will go into it further when it is time to clad the camper.

This being my first build I still imagine this is normal and to be expected with this building method.

I also spent some time today tiding up the this blog as some of the text and paragraphing was all over the place, I'm more than happy for anyone to message or email me any errors spotted in this blog, if you enjoy my blog please feel free to share it with your Facebook friends.

Have decided to add some images from other projects which can be found here and of course from the top menu.


I received some wonderful news this week , I was lucky enough to win one of 10 $1000 vouchers in a national competition held by Camec the leading RV supplier in Australia.I had already purchased numerous Camec parts for my camper such as the range hood & all the windows , this voucher will allow me to purchase the gas cooker , another roof vent with fan and many smaller components without eating into my budget. Thank you Camec.

We have had some wild and woolie weather here over the last week , high winds with continual squalls,, this has caused some rain to find it's way into the garage where the camper is being assembled.The wind has been so force full as to blow the rain underneath the roof iron , I shouldn't complain as there has been widespread storm damage statewide as well as on the mainland.

I've covered the camper with tarp just in case there are any other leaks during this bleak period, any way it is way too cold to be in the shed at the moment.

Hopefully the weather will improve enough in the short term so I can can get back to it, not to worry though as I have $1000 to spend online, so I'm a happy chappy.


Prepared a simple shower tray plan for the plastics manufacturer I'll be visiting next week , also planning to do a little work on the camper as the weather has had a complete turn around in the last 24 hrs and it is quiet pleasant outside at the moment. I've also added links on the front page to the latest updated pages after some welcomed email feedback.


Started on the power board which will be connected to the switch box completed earlier, I recycled a PC case side cover which I covered in black car carpet for the back panel, Included in my $1000 order from Camec is some wire, connectors and bus bar which should arrive late this week.


In the last few weeks I completed the ceiling with rear vent and fan for the shower and toilet, all the 12v wiring & also installed the town water fixture for  when one is available.I also cut out a section of the curved wall to fit a space for the very important fire extinguisher.Regards the wiring I was getting some oddball earth leakages causing some issues that had me scratching my head for some time, turned out the miniature globes in the switches which were meant to be LED's were the issue, so after replacing the four of them with some locally sourced switches with actual LED's the problem went away and also consumed much less power.

The last section of the ceiling was very satisfying as the internals now look very much the part especially as all the lighting is also installed.

I'm very keen to have the camper out the door no later than February because if I don't it will be trapped till after next winter, so!! I have to start on the outer shell very soon and make it water tight so I can then complete the rest of the internals when it is outside the workshop.

I've also moved a fence and gate on our property to make room for a level pad for the camper to be parked on, this will most likely just be a gravel pad as I need to keep costs down for now,

It will be the 12 month anniversary at the end of this month wow! it doesn't seem that long at all.

Anyway next up 240v wiring then complete insulation then install the outer skin , I certainly will be busy for the next few months.


Spent the last few days doing preparatory work for the outer cladding, grinding off any protruding nails & corrugated nails on the outside four walls  then sanding and complete the wood sealing using a 4 to 1 mixture of Bondcrete & water.Then I made sure the roof beams were all at the same level using my electric plane and again followed by sealing all the expose roof plywood.Once that was done I spent some time under the luton peak preparing that also for the cladding.

These steps are very important and were somewhat tedious especially the roof beams as I had a lot of stretching to do , with that behind me I'm expecting a package in the mail tomorrow that contains all the 240v cables , double pole power points & AC RCD cutoff switch.I've decide to use an DIY system which uses plugs and predetermined cable lengths for ease of installation as the cost is only a little more than the other way.

I have a real concern too that the cladding may jump in price as the Aussie dollar is almost in a free fall thanks to our political leaders and there constant battle to improve the bottom line for their business partners regardless of the cost to the general population, but I'll leave my political ramblings to my other outlets.

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