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Finally finished all of the insulation, under the Luton peak was a real back breaker for me and I'm very happy it's out of the way.The entire camper is now ready for the outer skin and I'm really looking forward to seeing what the finished product will look like on the outside.

I still have a lot of work inside and did not get around to finishing the 240v wiring which can be done later as all the cabling is inside the camper in conduit under the kitchen bench.

I've started on the level pad outside next to the house too, I marked out a 3 m X 5.6 m area with string line and framed the area after many hours of digging to make it level.I will fill it with gravel after laying down some weed mat.I will take some pictures to upload in a day or two.

After passing the 1 year anniversary I had mixed feeling that the end to the project is so near now, what will I do with myself when it's finished in a few months?


Not a great deal done lately, funds are a bit tight and the next outlay is $1200 for the skin in one hit, I'm used to buying bits as needed a little at a time

that won't work with the outer skin , so have to wait a little while till I can get it together.

In the mean time have finished the 240v wiring which includes the life saving RCD, also worked a little on the kitchen area and fire extinguisher nook in the curved feature wall.


Well I have been really busy with other stuff lately and trying to fit the camper in whenever possible,I finished all the 12v & AC wiring except for the tail lights which will be finished once the rear aluminum skirt is installed after the camper is taken outside, this will be on its own circuit.

I purchased the sheets of aluminum composite material 10 sheets 2420x1220x3mm for the cladding and used an expensive sealant / adhesive to fix the panels to the timber after I found some double sided tape that was the right thickness to hold the sheets in place  while the sealant set .

After finishing the sides I needed help with the roof as their are no second chances when placing the sheets down on the tape & adhesive also one sheet was routed and bent to fit the roof and needed to be placed exactly right. A very helpful recent towny offered to help and I was very lucky that he had excellent hand eye co-ordination and knew exactly what was required to be done .Thank you Zen for your time and great company.

I spent a lot of time sealing all the joins and I didn't skimp on that either, all the panels had a seal run on the outer perimeter when installed then I run a weld like bead  over the corner joins and then would run a 1 mtr piece of glad wrap over the sealant and pull it backwards and forwards forcing the sealant/adhesive into any air pockets then leave the wrap on till the next day and then slowly peal it off, I did this for almost a week very happy when that was over.Water can be very destructive to a camper so I'm taking all the precautions I can.Where two panels met I left a 3mm gap for expansion and filled it with the sealant which sets like rubber.

Early December I supplied a sheet metal workshop in Hobart with plans and two sheets of 2400X1200X1.6mm aluminum checker plate and they cut and pressed all the trim and bull nose for me at a fair price, for the most part they did a very good job though a few pieces where slightly out it was not anything I couldn't work with.

While fitting all the trim I again used much sealant yet adding another barrier to water so I give the camper the Triple seal of approval. :)

I then made and fitted the door frame , it was made out of a few select pieces of aluminum extrusions  which I painted white with a few cans of car body paint, preparing the extrusions for painting was more time consuming than the actual painting.The door was fitted next and I'm waiting for the striker plate to be delivered that I purchased on Ebay so I go ahead and finish that part of the camper.

In a few days when the camper is in lock up stage I need to make up the brackets for the four corner jacks , get some gravel to fill and complete the camper pad outside THEN!!! time to get it out the workshop where I only have one inch /25mm height clearance which will actually be less as the camper needs to slide out on something as that part of the garage has a gravel floor.

Now the camper cladding and trim  is all but finished I measured all the diagonals and was pleasantly surprised that over the entire length and width I am within a 6mm (1/4inch) error window, very happy about that. 

Part three of my YouTube video series is actual footage and not just a slideshow as the earlier ones, I hope you all enjoy it.


Today I prepared the camper to be moved out of the workshop hopefully on 1st of February which is next Sunday. As envisioned a year ago I used the platform as a sled and pulled the camper a couple of metres forward to bring it closer to the roller door.

Once the camper was lined up with the door I jacked it up just high enough to pull the platform I made over a year ago out of the way as it is no longer required, I also disassembled it( It just does not seem like a year ago!)

The camper is now sitting on a few wooden blocks and will be lowered onto two pieces of 2800X150X25 pine which will be used to pull it through the door way once the roller door is removed to provide the required height.

Once the camper is outside  with the help of a few mates I will jack and chock it up until it is high enough to drive the ute under which will be a little tricky as the ground is nowhere near level.

It will them be driven onto the prepared pad where I will fit the jack brackets and continue to complete the camper.

That's the plan anyway, so I will have a busy week getting the gravel for the camper in between working and volunteering , fingers crossed.

Also it is odd to see the camper from the new perspective all of a sudden .