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Well it has been very busy for the last few weeks on the camper front, getting the camper out of the workshop involved much more effort than I anticipated which meant it actually took a number of days before it actually made it on the vehicle.

With the help of two great mates on the first day we got the camper outside the door which as by the pictures you can see their was very little room to spare above the camper.

Day two which was four days later we spent many hours getting the camper up a hill turning it 90d then up another hill and onto the driveway which again nowhere near level but the best I could hope for under the circumstances.

Over the next few afternoons the camper was slowly jacked up and sat on many pieces of timber , it was a stressful time as being on a slope the camper had it's own ideas of where it wanted to be.I had earlier fitted the front brackets for the legs which I had welded up at my workplace workshop. (I have not welded for over 20 years so it was interesting that within a few minutes it all cam back to me like it was yesterday)

With the aid of the front legs and sleepers under the back we eventually achieved the required height of 750mm, with my wife guiding me in just on dusk.

Then , within minutes the camper was home sitting in the ute tub for the first time , oh! what a relief and also to find that the suspension only dropped 50 mm  (2 inches) out of a total of 250mm was the icing on the cake.I drove the camper onto the prepared level pad and laugh! had to remove it from the ute to complete my work though being on level ground  it was only a few minutes work after I fitted the rear leg brackets.

Over the last week I have continued to fit the aluminum trim ,fitted the three roof vents, roof solar cable cowl, worked on the grey water plumbing and fitted the 4 tie down points.

The grey water tank is on its way and should be delivered in a day or two, when that is fitted I will fit the rear skirt,& tail lights etc ... really still a lot to do.Till next time.


The weather has not been agreeable to working on the camper, we really did not have much of a Summer this year with lots of rain for days on end, none the less I have managed to complete the outside of the camper as well as installing the grey water tank and all the plumbing.

I also have tried my hand at plastic welding as the grey water tank breather was in an awkward spot that prevented the tank from sitting flush under the floor, plenty of images in the gallery of how I went about fixing it by cutting out the breather then fitting back upside down and welding it back in place. I actually ended up not using any of the original hose holes in the tank and created my own.

I also made all my own bracket for holding the plumbing in place. Once the plumbing was completed I then went about making the cable loom for the tail lights , it was then I found out that the vehicle trailer plug was a very basic hook up and did not supply the reverse lights wire which I had to remedy by spending some time on the ute wiring to remedy that.

The skirt was fitted with the lights attached as it save me mucking about underneath any more than I need too, the number plate light was supplied free with the other lights and that was fitted next.

It was about this time I found WATER on the floor in the shower area uh oh a water leak!!! A whole day was spent trouble shooting this problem and eventually I found that water was coming in though the gas enclosure , when I fitted the bracket for the door latch I drilled three holes of which one was half exposed less than 3mm but that was enough with the days of rain it added up by coming in through the whole then along the wing under the gas enclosure soaking in then wicking its way to the exposed timber in the shower recess and onto the floor. I exposed as much of the wet frame as possible plus drilled a few small temp breather wholes and left a ceramic heater running in the camper shower recess for a day, we then had a few sunny days as well which helped dry it all out. Once I was confidant it was all dry and the leak was plugged I continued my work.

I'm now lining the shower recess and hope to have it complete in a week as I have other commitments which drag me away from the project.

After the shower recess is complete it will need a door , a sandwich of 3mm Ply, 14mm foam and 3mm coorflute , it will be very light but very sturdy.

Then the single bed & dinette followed by the solar panels which will mean the completion of the project hopefully now looking like late April early May.

There are many new images in the photo gallery.


I have almost finished the shower recess only some sealing to make it water tight is required however the weather is very cold & wet with some snow thrown in for good measure, very little work is being done on the project at the moment as the sealant will not set properly at the temperatures we are experiencing. I have however finished and hung the door as mentioned above and am very happy with it.

I also have had some issues with the most expensive window as it has some manufacturing flaws and I found it leaking through its own seals and joins  onto the yet to be upholstered dinette area, there is some very slight water damage as well to the frame work where the water pooled and run onto the seat area.

I have contacted the Australian manufacturers/Suppliers  and even though they advised they will replace the window it has been over six weeks now and I have had to have the window partially taped up with gaffer tape to stop the rain finding it's way in.(edit 12/06/2015  have received the window though it is the wrong colour ,it's black & uses a different clamping system ..... time to contact them again ). With all the rain & high winds we have had happy to report that no other leaks have been seen and I check every day.

I have also purchased a sewing machine so we can make the upholstery ourselves, will be watching many YouTube videos to skill ourselves up to the task. We will be looking for material soon and at least we don't need to be worried about the weather too much with this part of the build. 

Although I am somewhat disappointed that the camper project is taking longer than I  thought it is still within the two year time frame. I will post a few photo's of the almost completed "bathroom" & door soon, thank you for the emails as I enjoy reading and replying to them.


There has been very little progress on the camper, the weather has really been unfriendly to be working outside , either rain or record snow for our area. My apologies for not posting the promised images as I am yet to finish the shower recess even though it is literally a few hours work. We have had a few lovely days though other commitments with a business venture that is taking up much of my time. Also have not started on the upholstery as well. So close to finishing with only the Solar Panels to be fitted, Gas lines to be fitted, purchase of a Double mattress and upholstery.

One thing that has been resolved is the leaking window with the manufacturers sending the correct one and letting me keep the first one they sent.

Fingers crossed to finish within the 2 year time frame.