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Though the instructions suggest leaving the two together until both sides are skinned I decide to separate them at this stage so would not have to be concerned about damaging the face of the plywood with it laying face down on the floor.

Noticed today that some of the corrugated fasteners I've been using are faulty, some have two blunt sides , that explains why some would not seat correctly, made in China need I say any more.

Today was much colder and the glue behaved very differently so was not able to get as much done as I'm using minimal fastening and depending on the glue to hold the panels on which it does fabulously when dry.

I have never made anything substantial from plywood before and even though I was aware of its reputation for strength once mounted on a frame I found it fascinating to experience it first hand.

Over the years I have had a number of interests which have come and gone and sadly trying to reignite an old interest can be disapointing when you can no longer feel the enjoyment you used to.

However my interest in building or manufacturing something , anything at all has never waned.


Full size images can now be found in the Gallery page.

Spent the day constructing the floor and giving it its first coat of sealer which I have plenty left over from our house renovation.

I made the floor 6mm wider than required and then shaved off a sliver with a circular saw to give a perfectly flat and square face to butt the sides onto, also spent a good hour confirming all the measurements of the constructed sides , utility tub width,depth and length because the is no going back if a error is made here.

When the second coat drys I'll be inserting insulation in the floor cavity then sealing the whole lot with 12mm plywood.

Once I've made the tub sides and wings it's time to move the whole lot next door to our garage before assembly, (because the workshop ceiling is too low plus other issues)  however I will have to build a temporary level platform to build the camper on before I can go any further.

When the job is finished I will have to remove the roller door to get the camper out , will only have 35mm clearance even then so it will be tricky and I will have to install the roof vents after it's removed from the garage.

Lawns are starting to look a little wild , I've been neglecting my other chores, so might be a few days before I get back to my favourite pastime.


These pictures show the tub floor sides and wings clamped together, unable to actually assemble as the larger portion of the floor is waiting for insulation which I will be picking up tomorrow.

Full size images can be found in the gallery as always.

I have settled for a high grade of expanded polystyrene for the insulation instead of extruded as the price to get it to me is prohibitive.

The good news though is they are somewhat local and can cut to any size, it's cheap too @ only $18 a sheet for 19mm X 2400 X 1200.

In the last few days I experimented with the glue I'll be using for the main structure assembly , "High strength Liquid nails" which performed great on everything except the wood grain face of the interior sheets of plywood, so I'll be keying the area that butts up to the wings, however I will be testing that method too before I go ahead.

I get a lot of pleasure out of fitting together all the different parts of the build , it's like a puzzle, and when it all locks into place as expected ahh!! joy.

I'm also sealing all the parts as I go along with a 1 X Bondcrete to 4 water solution. I also experimented by running water over some offcuts for 60 seconds, the sealed plywood did not absorb any water and dried very quickly as expected while the untreated plywood soaked it up and took much much longer to dry.

Bondcrete is a wonderful product which is relatively cheap if purchased @ 4 litres a time, it's very popular in Australia for sealing leaking motor home & caravan roofs , it has many uses and is an excellent wood glue too.

Once the tub assembly is completed I will be placing it in the vehicle so I can devise a method to anchor the camper and work out where I will need to place support plates, there is a local tourist business which has a metal shop if I'm lucky they may allow me to make the plates up there as I have no metal work equipment in my workshop.

construction 3