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Picked up my polystyrene order today which was a custom thickness of 19mm which is the thickness of the frame work, slotted in beautifully into the tub sides, will do the floor in the next few days which will require two sheets to get the required thickness.

Floor  is now insulated and just needs a final seal before I assemble all the bits I've put together in the last few weeks, but not before I move the whole lot next door onto a platform I've made up of old 1949 doors I replaced when renovating our house.  It will also hopefully act as a one time sled to move the completed camper closer to the door and lined up all ready to go.I had all sorts of wonderful ideas implementing a trolly on wooden rails etc. however the money to make it is better spent on the camper itself, the above platform was made entirely from my stockpile of bits leftover from renovations and fencing.The main thing is it is level and sturdy, hammered together with 4" nails.
After making up the front wall frame I placed it in the ute and find that I should have good access to the four lugs welded to the tub corners these will be the anchor points.

The  above pictures show the tub parts only tacked together to check for fit, all the parts were soon after moved next door where the camper will be completed, actually the whole thing looks like a flat pack kit at the moment.Should have it all glued and screwed in a few days, then next the back wall and bed over cab section.While I was in the workshop today one of the many huge trees in our neighbors yard came down and the very top of it landed on our fence between the wood & garden sheds, I didn't hear a thing must have been while I was on the router with my ear plugs in.Luckily there was no damage other than a few very tall fern trees that  are somewhere underneath the tree , unlikely they have survived. Oh well we now have a brand new view down to the end of the street from our back deck.       

Lots of work since last detailed update, main box assembled, bed over cab & walk in wardrobe finished , just kidding.The assembly was very straight forward as the bits where already tested for fit and it all went together more reliably than an Ikea flat pack kit.The Luton peak was next and was just a matter of following the plans which is very detailed in this area, I used much glue and more screws than probably required but I wanted to make sure there where no squeaks in the bed area.
Fitting the ply ceiling around the front curve went off without a hitch I cut the ply wood 2" wider than required and the 2 by 1's I cut 12" wider than required so I could use them as handles when going round the curve, these were trimmed off after completion. After the glue set on the Luton peak I climbed up and walked on the bed section , no movement and no squeaks yeah! I then laid down and rolled out to the outer edge no squeaks and no movement rock solid.Next up was the clothes & bedding storage area , still need to make the door.I will be working on the bathroom next which will incorporate a toilet and shower with hand basin, well that is the plan at the moment but the plan is always changing as I have found out.
The kitchen area will be following and I think that the very first item purchased for the camper may not be used as it is a little too large and that is the sink, will know for sure when it gets time to finalize the kitchen design.I also cut out the gas enclosure opening and made some of the internal box sides for it. I've made extensive use of tan fenderwelt which makes for a clean looking finish.Just as a side note I have been using 2 pieces of 2" X 1" laminated with screws and glue for the 2" X 2" requirements cheap quick and very strong.

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