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Can't believe how quick time flies, nearly March already and it seems like yesterday I started this project.
I've made some changes as I've been moving along which means a few things were done twice, originally I planned to paint the trim Hogsbrissle half semi-gloss however after making the fridge surround and the 4 luton peak cabinet doors I just didn't like the look of it.

Sooooo, what to do?.....Do it again I said to myself.Second time round I made the doors & trim that I routed  from solid pine with four coats of clear lacquer ahhhh, much better.Believe it or not to use the plastic trim that is used in most commercial units would have been more expensive but less time consuming, I'm not time poor at the moment so the decision was easy and it looks much nicer too.

I've had very little luck finding a suitable used gas cooker and I will have to make the decision whether to just buy new .....but as we all know price wise OUCH!!!
In the last few years a few regulations have been brought in regards gas cooking in a camper/Caravan & motor home:
1: Exit Door must have ventilation at the base. Sorted.
2: Gas cooker must have pilot light......price goes up $100 so starting at $349.00 for basic model.
3: Must have range hood fitted vented to outside. Starting at $149.00
4: Gas box must be vented at base to outside.  sorted

Gas fittings must follow strict guide lines which is a good thing and I've kept in mind when positioning the gas box.Initially gas will be connected to cooker and I will make provision for it to be hooked up to a HWS which I have made room for and should be able to retro fit at a later stage. Hot water pipes and taps will be fitted straight up in kitchen and shower for when/if that comes to pass.

Still looking for a suitable water proof light cladding for the Toilet/shower, many available but all are very heavy.
I have seen a few online guides on how to use linolium as as a cheap liner, I just don't like the look of it so I will continue searching, if anyone reading this has an idea please contact me using the contact me form.

In the gallery is a photo of my home made router table made up from bits and pieces in the workshop and house reno leftovers, very basic but does a wonderful job.
I love my router..:)

I have purchased the water tank and water pump and will be fitting the pipework soon before I put in the kitchen counter top.
I plan to use laminated pine for the bench which will wrap around to the front, this may change though still up in the air about that.

After much searching online for ideas for the kitchen table/second bed area I'm playing with the idea to make three slide out sections that will make up a dinnete area with 2 seats and a table that slides out then lifts up and locks into position in the middle.
These three slide outs are also the single bed when the table section is left flat.
Sounds complicated but I have seen this in an outdoor setting for sale in town and thought it's a workable idea, will give it some more thought.

Will be working on the luton peak ceiling next and then I will be putting a full length shelf & entertainment (radio/mp3/cd player with speakers) area above the bed/dinnete.
This also will be the area for charging our phones, TV may go here up against the rear wardrobe not sure yet.

Decide not to fit a microwave as we almost always free camp, caravan parks are often full of noisy kids and who wants to pay to have the pleasure of being sardined between to other caravans and having to listen to their TV till 3am, yes its happened a few times in the past.

Will be fitting 2 100 watt solar panels, I already have a 20 Amp regulator from our previous travels , one by 105 amp battery and we will running out of water before we run out of power.
Solar panels are soooo cheap now , who knows when I'm ready to fit them they may be even cheaper.

That's all for now, to all the kind emails I have received thank you so much for your encouragement and good ideas.

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