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After finishing the many cupboard doors things have been somewhat quiet on the camper front as I have been on holidays in Perth ,Western Australia catching up with family and friends.

I will be getting stuck in working on the rest of the ceiling including the roof  hatches, wiring is something I need to also get into at this stage. I purchased some great 12v camper ceiling lights from Amazon & LED Globes from I will put up the pix very soon.

While on holidays I found a great bargain on an i-drill 1 12V lithium ion variable speed drill for only $29.95 , however after making some enquiries discovered I would not be able to include this in my carry on baggage on our flight back so I had to mail it to myself which only added an extra $14 to the price.

The weather will only get much colder from now so production levels may drop a bit as I have no heating in the workshop though that won't stop me.

More pix very soon.


My new range-hood & roof vent arrived today and I wasted no time measuring up and assembling  the next section of ceiling which will have the main roof vent installed , it is very cold and the glue does not even look like drying after 6 hours , with any luck it will be dry tomorrow after work.

I also went ahead and installed the range-hood which is a little more involved than you would think , I purchased the hose attachment as well which will vent through the ceiling.

I needed to reinforce the cupboard base where the screws go through holding the range-hood in place , cutouts for the wiring and vent hose came next, all this had to be done now for ease of access as once the next section of ceiling is in place room gets a little tight in that area.

I will also place a false bottom in the cupboard to hide the wiring and reinforcement,after all this the range-hood is held in place with only 4 screws which have easy access should it need to be removed in the future.

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