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construction 7


Had to wait 2 full days for the glue to dry on the ceiling section, in summer the glue drys in under an hour. It was somewhat tricky getting this ceiling section up on the roof, my lovely wife is a little short and unable to assist me with this. I had a large piece of cardboard that was once the box for our new water heater I kept, after making sure all the staples were removed I slid this over the front section leaving some hanging down , I was lucky too that the width was just right.

I lifted the fully assembled ceiling with hatch hole cut out up and onto the cardboard, then went inside the camper pulled then lifted it into place.

As on previous sections the sides were oversize and cut off when fixed in place. This section was also the curved section of ceiling so I also left the beams longer to be used as hand holds to pull the ceiling into place.

I had a few minor complications I did not see coming.

1: The beam that sat on the edge of the curve had a tendency to lean as I pulled the ceiling into the curve, this is the beam that the hatch will eventually screw into.

2: The 42mm X 19mm single beam that sat in the middle of the curve bowed "a lot" ouch!, you live and learn.

Ok so I should have placed one beam further away from the curve and used a 42mm X 42mm in the curve.

I fixed the first problem by loosening off the screws that went into the two adjacent short pieces for the hatch which let the beam lean evenly throughout its length which still left plenty of room for the hatch screws I don't see this causing any problems at all as the actual roof itself will not be curved.

The second issue was fixed by gluing and screwing a second piece of 42mm X 19mm into the singe one, there was still a tiny bit of curvature along the length but only about 10mm which was completely unnoticeable when viewed from inside the camper due to the intended large lateral curve.

It certainly was the day for misfortune as when I was fixing the ceiling into the furniture from the top I made an incorrect calculation which caused a nail to exit into the cabin above the range hood noooooo!! Nothing I can do about it other than find a creative way to cover it up.

On another subject I will be taking all the images from now with my camera as my iPhone 4 has an issue with focus , it was very handy to just use the iPhone but in recent times too many pix were unusable.

The sink will be next and I'm still on the lookout for a suitable gas cooker seems to be very few on the used market due to the new regulations introduced a few years ago that relates to all new builds cookers must have a safety feature which you won't find in used models. This has now pushed up the price to over $400 for a new 2 burner stove top.


A few odd jobs today and a little cleanup added a few pictures.


Finally started on the 12v wiring, first up made the fuse/switch box, most parts purchased on DX online.