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construction 8


Worked on modifying the window frames today so they would be ready for cutting out, used the router to quickly and neatly cut out a circle from a scrap piece of pine to make the radius corners.Still have 2 more windows to do.
Also inlaid some car carpet into a piece of pine which will be the backing for the switch box which is going where I originally built the  cutlery draw.


Continued to work on the windows today, will get back to the 12v wiring when a few items I'm expecting show up in the mail.

I had to make some decisions regards the windows when I started putting the sides together many months ago , as it turned out the windows I purchased did not come in the sizes I wanted so some modification was in order.Obviously the best way is to buy the windows up front if you have the funds
at that time which I did not, the mods were fairly straight forward and the router made short work of it.

I used an edging router bit in my drill to cut out the window holes as I did not want to remove my router from my makeshift router table yet.

The fitted window in the pictures below is a wind out window while the other two are push out with sliding blinds , they do look identical from outside though, doing it this way was a considerable saving as it was a discontinued unit at a heavily discounted price, they actually had about a dozen others discontinued & discounted windows though the sizes where way to large to make it work.

I have one more window whole to cut out which is a large window in the dinette area .

Hi to UK, Canada & the USA as I seem to have a few keen return visitors in those countries and many others from another 25 countries. Thanks for all the emails and keep them coming as I enjoy answering any questions regards this build or if you are considering doing this yourself I'm also happy to help.So if you enjoy my blog please let me know, or if you have any suggestions or criticism I would love to hear from you.

I had a few issues with my window order from Camec that I received last week, there were missing parts with the order a window frame was scratched and a window blind had deep scaring blemish on one corner.Well, after a couple of emails with pictures and a phone call Camec very quickly and without fuss remedied the situation, I certainly won't have any problems dealing with them again as both their email and phone after sales service was fast and efficient.

Over the last few days I have cut out the hole for the window in the dinette area and fitted some more insulation on the front of the camper plus many other small jobs that needed doing.I plan to spend the next two days working on the camper and uploading some more images taken with my camera  and my wide angle lens and not Iphone for a change Sunday night.Things will be quiet for a couple of weeks after that  as I have a procedure scheduled at the Hospital next week.