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Made up the contoured roof beams and templates for gussets, won't be able to start the sides proper till I source some windows and gas storage unit or hatch, been very lucky so far getting parts off Gumtree and the recycle shop hope it holds out.


Had some spare time today so ripped a few 42mm X 42mm for the floor section and finished the gussets for over the cab bed section.

Also started on the door by cutting down the security door I picked up at the recycle shop, I've found some three way hinges online that should allow me to make an acceptable copy of a Camec caravan door without the $1295 price tag.

Though I have not worked out the locking mechanism  for the door yet I did see a half a dozen box's of door locks at the recycle shop so I guess I will be diving in there next time.


Been out and about looking for a suitable locking mechanism (amongst other things) and come across a whole security door with lock , above you can see I cut the perimeter off the van door purchased earlier for $8 , after resizing the security door I slid the van door in where the security screen would normally go.

It was a nice tight fit, all I need to do now is place a few rivets here and there , mask off the insert and spray the frame with white auto gloss.

I'll be making a frame for the door to fit into out of aluminum angle.The door will be fitted using genuine Camec hinges which will give me the option to add an internal security door later should I wish to do so.

I have also made another design change , will be placing door at the back of the camper not the side, this will give me a heap of storage space. Looking much less an Everglade every day.

construction 1