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Over the next 12-24 months I will be placing images of my Glen-l Everglade build here,

the plans will be modified to fit a Falcon ute and will be given a more modern profile.

The plans are very comprehensive with great detail and a nice nostalgic feel about them being from the 70's.

My intention is to source as much of the expensive components pre-loved while maintaining a quality build.I plan to begin in the next thirty days.

Richard - 29/09/13 

journey begins


Time to get acquainted with the package and start planning the modifications, I've also downloaded the state laws regarding vehicle compliance , don't want to build this thing and fall foul of the law.

If anyone is interested in building their own camper or boat or just curious check out Glen-L.


Spent a few hours with the full size plans , overall length needed to be shortened, redesigned bed over cab section so front sweeps back and also lowered bed level leaving plenty of clearance over the cab and making room for cupboards over the queen bed sides instead of nose.(20/05/2014 Cupboards ended up in the nose as this is crucial to the strength & support in that area of the camper, I'm happy with how they turned out)

Also a few other changes as these plans are for USA and place the door on the wrong side for Australia.

All this and having to stay within Tasmania's regulations and importantly keeping in mind the original structural integrity while working in feet & inches.

Oh, also lowered overall internal height to lower the centre of gravity and I don't know anyone who is over 6 foot and 5 inches.

Actual construction won't start until I have acquired a few of the most expensive components s/h somewhere these being a door , three or four windows and access hatches as the exact sizes need to be known when constructing the two sides which is first up.

However another option is to manufacture the door at least myself using extruded aluminum section & plywood sandwiched between some Dibond with a perspex window, either way I will not be buying a new one that's for sure because they are the thick end of $1000, ouch!!!

Picked up a very nice s/s sink dirt cheap on Gumtree that came from a boat and am looking at some new hatches later in the week also on Gumtree way below retail.

One little problem has arisen , even though I have a large workshop and large garage both have restrictions when it's time to take the completed unit outside.

I have to decide would I rather remove a roller door or dismantle a carport.

Needed to go into Hobart today so took the opportunity to grab a few items, should of taken the ute found a whole bunch of screen doors at the recycle shop for $20 , I'll be buying one of theses and using the bits to manufacture an entrance door. I will modify it and insert some plywood sandwiched  with Dibond , insert a window paint the frame with gloss car paint , anyway that's the plan.

Now if I could come up with an idea to manufacture some windows that open, I've seen pictures online where people have used standard house windows with the proper glass, I don't like the look of it though.

Also dropped into Marsden Brothers where they sell the Dibond material , really helpful service guy there gave me a few pieces to practice with free, free is always good.