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Picked up a sink on Gumtree very cheap , its cleaned up like new , even though it is an older style, when I mount it under the bench and make a nice pine board to insert when not in use , it will look more up to date.

Also a Thetford service door, these are not cheap , however picked it up off Gumtree for less than half price new in box.

Grabbed a few pieces of timber, will need much more than this , will just get it a little at a time as I need it.

I have a few things for sale on Gumtree that will hopefully fund immediate future purchases.

Why did I buy this? Because it's 2400X1200 X 19mm insulation for only $7.


Felt like it was Xmass today, after finding a screen security door just the right width to modify for the camper I then found the genuine article for only $8 at the recycle shop with only slight damage at the base and no hinges, had to pinch myself.

I will combine the two to make the completed door and this is an absolutely  massive.


Camec hinges have arrived and the timber pile is getting bigger. Will be going to the Hobart Car Boot Trash & Treasure markets tomorrow you just never know what you may pick up.


Dibond knockoff off-cut picked up for $8 at the Hobart Tip shop, this is it after I already cut out the section for the Gas bottle enclosure.


Purchased most of the plywood chose a nice wood grain finish for the interior walls, glue (Bondcrete) and a few other odds and ends today.


Guess what they use to package and protect polystyrene sheets , more polystyrene sheets !!, had to laugh got twice what I ordered.

This is the highest grade (H grade) this supplier sells and when cut with a sharp Stanley blade (box cutter) it makes very little mess and it is very strong too.


Have purchased the water filler, fendervelt and ceiling plywood.


Picked up 2 way  fridge off Gumtree, this is it after a paint job and  new front slid in, cost me 1/4 the price of new , works very well


Over the last few months have ordered lights and components for the switch & Fuse panel from and Amazon will be making up the panel soon .


My new range-hood & roof vent arrived today, really have been putting the pennies away for these items for some time.


Finally came across some suitable jacks for the camper online for a great price, they will need some modifying  which is a small price to pay as they can be very expensive new.


Outlaid  some more of the budget on 3 new Camec windows of which 2 have blinds , after inspecting them I have found a few issues that I will not go into now until I have spoken with the suppliers which is Camec themselves.


Yesterday I received in the mail a few items from, a new cable stripper and cutter as my 25 year old one gave up the ghost a few months ago and a very important component for my 12v system a 150W DC 10~32V to DC 12~35V Adjustable Step-Up Mobile Power Supply Module. The details are in the latest construction update and why I need this.


Last week I purchased another 4 sheets of the insulation as there are now large areas of the camper that it can be installed.


This week I received my Camec order which was $1000 worth of gear I won in their competition it included the stove, a sink , a hatch with 12v fan for the bathroom, a mains water inlet, an led spotlight for reading in bed and many other bits and pieces. 

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